Kid Brings Heroin for "Show and Tell"; Stepdad Arrested


A Connecticut man is under arrest after his stepson brought an interesting item to school for "show and tell" -- heroin.

The Connecticut Post reports that the five-year-old boy brought the man's jacket to school with him on Monday. Bridgeport police say when it was the boy's turn, he opened up the jacket to reveal ten packets of heroin. The teacher quickly grabbed the drugs and told the principal, who called police.

A short time later, the stepfather, 35-year-old Santos Roman, arrived at the Barnum School and began "frantically" searching for the boy. He spotted his jacket in an empty classroom, but the drugs were gone. That's when police took him into custody.

Roman was arraigned on Tuesday on charges of risk of injury to a minor, possession of narcotics, sale of narcotics and possession of narcotics within 1,500 feet of a school.

He reportedly has a history of drug convictions.


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