KFC Pulls Ad: Claimed Chickens were "Free to Roam"


By Michelle Sherrow

KFC has had to pull false advertising from its Australian website after a flap with a consumer watchdog group.  

KFC had touted that chickens raised for the brand were "free to roam" on farms. But cramming chickens so tightly inside filthy, windowless sheds that they can barely take a step or lift a wing doesn't exactly qualify as "free roaming." When the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission launched legal action against a KFC supplier for false claims on the supplier's website, KFC backpedaled.

If only KFC were forced to do the same stateside, where the company has refused the recommendations of its own animal welfare advisors to eliminate the worst abuses of chickens, such as scalding birds to death.

Until KFC stops the charade, tell the company that you aren't buying it, and ask it to eliminate the worst abuses of chickens.

PETA anti-KFC ad:


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