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KFC In Peru Forced To Close After Clip Of Rat Terrorizing Customers Goes Viral (Video)

A recent viral video clip shows customers in a KFC restaurant at a food court in a Peru mall freaking out as a rat runs freely around the establishment, and now, all the restaurants in the food court have been closed.

In the video, customers in the food court at a Lima, Peru, mall can be seen screaming and jumping up onto chairs as a rat runs around the floor, trying to grab discarded food.

Employees try to catch the rat while customers freak out over the rodent.

“I was eating with my girlfriend when she screamed and jumped up pointing out the rat, then everyone started running for it scattering food everywhere,” 24-year-old witness Thomas Casares Orozco said. “One rat tried to grab a chicken leg but when a security guard turned up, it tried to run off. There was chaos as people made off or climbed onto chairs and tables. I saw one bloke stamp on a rat but it didn't seem to stop it — it ran under a flower box and I didn't see it again.”

Julianna Cad posted the original video on Facebook, and now that it has gone viral, she says there were two rats running around.

“There were actually two rats, but I only managed to record one of them,” Cad said.

Now, Peru health officials have closed down all restaurants in the mall’s food court as a precaution.

“We have ordered the closure of all the food restaurants in the Plaza Norte and it has been fined,” Jose Miguel Garcia, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said. “The unsanitary conditions could be a risk for human health.”

The restaurants are expected to reopen once the rat problem is properly and thoroughly addressed.

Sources:Inquisitr, The Independent, The Daily Mirror / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror


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