KFC Makes Things Right With Girl Allegedly Asked To Leave Restaurant Due To Facial Injuries


KFC Corp. has pledged to donate $30,000 to help with medical bills for a 3-year-old who was allegedly asked to leave a restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi because her of her facial scars. 

KFC made the announcement that they would be donating to the girl via Facebook. The statement, which was reposted on "Victoria's Victories," the Facebook page created in support of the girl, reads as follows:  

“As soon as we learned of the report on Friday, we immediately began an investigation. This kind of hurtful and disrespectful action would not be tolerated by KFC. Regardless of the outcome of our investigation, we have apologized to Victoria's family and are committed to assisting them. We are making a $30,000 donation to help with her medical bills. The entire KFC family is behind Victoria and her recovery.”

The girl, Victoria Wilcher, suffered her facial injuries after being attacked by three dogs. Her jaw, nose, cheek bones and right eye socket were all broken in the incident, and she also lost her right eye. 

Wilcher’s grandmother, Kelly Mullins, took the girl to KFC last week to buy mashed potatoes and gravy, which she could eat despite being on a feeding tube at the time. According to Mullins, an employee told them “We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers.” 

The girl’s family has also reportedly been struggling financially to pay for the many surgeries she needs to undergo to complete her recovery, so KFC’s donation will undoubtedly help in that aspect. 

The company’s investigation into the employee responsible for asking Wilcher to leave is still ongoing.

"Our company will not tolerate any disrespectful action towards our guests. We are investigating the issue to see the appropriate action that needs to be taken," said Jackson KFC Franchise Vice President Mitch Hannon.

Wilcher’s family has also not claimed that they will take any legal action in regards to the discrimination. 


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