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Kevin Koscielniak Accused Of Beating Boss’s Dog To Death

A southwest Florida man has been charged with breaking into the auto shop where he was employed and killing his boss’ dog.

After noticing his mastiff was missing on Sunday, the owner of John's Automotive reviewed surveillance video of the night before. The video showed 52-year-old Kevin Koscielniak beating the missing dog to death with a tire iron.

Koscielniak had been asked to leave work on Saturday after causing a disturbance, Fox News reported.

Detectives from the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office believe that Koscielniak hopped over a barbed wire fence and killed the dog. He then wrapped it in a blanket and cut the fence to the adjacent Casey's Auto. After taking the dog onto that property, he buried it.

Koscielniak was arrested in Manatee County and is being charged with burglarizing two local businesses, improper disposal of dead animals, cruelty to animals resulting in death, tampering with evidence and damaging the fence.

His bail was set at $7,620.

Sources: Fox News, Sarasota Herald-Tribune


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