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'Circumcision Season' Begins In Kenya As Uncircumcised Men Are Ambushed (Video)

Startling reports say that a dozen men in Kenya were ambushed and forced to undergo circumcisions in what is being called, “circumcision season.”

According to reports, 12 men were ambushed and forced to undergo the procedure after their wives complained that they weren’t as good in bed as circumcised men.

The 12 men who were circumcised weren’t given anything to numb the pain, as the procedures took place in public, mainly on the side of the road. Most of the men who were uncircumcised either decided to avoid it earlier in life or were members of a tribe that didn’t force men to have it done. Anne Njeri, a wife of one of the twelve men, expressed that she was happy the procedure was finally done because her husband’s uncircumcised penis was causing issues in the bedroom.

“We are happy with the move to have such men cut because uncircumcised men are dirty and do not perform well in bed and thus we are sure their wives will now enjoy their marriages,” said Njeri.

Reports say that dozens of other uncircumcised men are now camping out at the local police station to avoid being ambushed.

Sources: Daily Mail, West FM, Kenyan Daily Post


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