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Kenyan Man Declared Dead, Wakes Up 20 Hours Later In Morgue (Video)

A Kenyan man, who was declared dead of an apparent suicide, woke up in a morgue 24 hours later, sending workers screaming and fleeing the room.

Paul Mutora, 24, was about to be embalmed, when he woke up in a Naivasha morgue.

He reportedly drank insecticide after he had an argument with his father and was admitted to Naivasha District Hospital in critical condition Tuesday. He was treated with medication, but ultimately presumed dead.

He was moved to the hospital morgue. Nearly 24 hours later, Mutora woke up. 

His family was in the middle of making funeral arrangements when they learned he was alive.

His father said they were all “in shock” at the good news.

The hospital is opening an investigation as to how Mutora was wrongfully declared dead. Doctors believe the insecticide, which slows the heartbeat, likely played a part.

"The drug makes the heart to beat slower and this might have confused medical personnel, but the victim was saved before he could be embalmed," said Dr. Joseph Mburu, superintendant in charge of the hospital.

Sources: UPI, New York Daily News


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