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Kentucky Woman Allegedly Beat Disabled Man With Metal Cane After He Joked About Not Believing In God

A Kentucky woman was arrested for beating and robbing a disabled man due to a comment the man made about not believing in God, police report. The assault took place on Oct. 20, according to an arrest warrant.

The woman, 49-year-old Laura Reid, had been at the disabled man's home on a visit at the time of the incident WDRB and Raw Story report. Police say that at some point during the visit, Reid asked the man if he believed in God, to which the man replied that he did not, as a joke.

Reid became angered by the man's response. Her arrest warrant stated that after the man responded, she picked up his metal cane and beat him until the cane broke.

WDRB reports that Reid stayed in the man's house for three hours after the beating. Police report that when Reid finally left the house, she took the man's cellphone, keys, wallet, credit cards and $50 in cash.

Because of the man's disability, he was initially unable to leave his house to seek help. After Reid left, he managed to crawl out of his house to a nearby gas station, where he contacted 911 and EMS. He was quickly transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for a concussion, a broken arm, and various bruises, cuts and abrasions.

Reid's arrest warrant was issued on Oct. 29, according to WDRB. She was arrested on Jan. 5 and is being charged with assault, robbery and unlawful imprisonment.

Sources: WDRB, Raw Story / Photo credit: WDRB

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