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Kentucky Teen Killed In Maryland Police Shootout May Have Killed His Family After Losing Computer Privileges (Photo)

A 16-year-old boy, who was killed on Feb. 14 during a shootout with Baltimore County police officers in Maryland, has been identified as Jason Hendrix of Corbin, Kentucky, where he is suspected of killing both of his parents and 12-year-old sister.

The Baltimore Sun reports Baltimore County officers attempted to pull Hendrix over in a routine traffic stop before he led them on a high-speed chase that ended with the teen opening fire on the officers. Police are said to have returned fire, fatally wounding him.

In the teenager’s hometown of Corbin, police say he was suspected of murdering his family because he was mad at his parents for taking away his computer privileges. 

Corbin Police Chief David Campbell told The Associated Press he believes the ROTC cadet killed his family on Feb. 11 before fleeing town.

The bodies of Kevin and Sarah Hendrix and their daughter, Grace, were found in their home by authorities on Feb. 14.

“Right now all the evidence points toward him as being the shooter,” Campbell said. 

The chief said authorities learned through interviews with those close to the family that the boy was upset for being grounded from the computer. 

“The mother had talked to a co-worker and told her that he was really mad about that,” Campbell said.

News of the shooting left the town grasping for answers. 

Acquaintances said the teen met with friends at his church on Feb. 11 and showed no signs that anything was wrong. 

“They said he was just like he usually is,” Campbell said of comments made by church members. 

The family attended the 3-year-old Forward Community Church. 

Drew Mahan, the founder of the church, said church members are shocked. 

He said Hendrix would show up for church early on Sunday mornings to help set up for the service. 

“People want to ask questions. Why? How? I simply looked at folks today and said, ‘I don't know,’” Mahan said. “The guy has been here. He's been an influence on our students, he's been an influence on my own kids. They love him.”

Investigators in both states are still trying to determine why the teen fled to Maryland. Neither Hendrix nor his family had any known acquaintances in the area. 

Sources: The Baltimore Sun, Daily Mail (AP Story) / Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mail


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