Kentucky Teacher Won't Be Charged For Sending Student Over 300 Messages, Many Of Them Sexual


Dear Kentucky:

Why? How?

These are the questions I have for you after learning that a Kentucky teacher will not be punished for sending a 15-year-old student over 300 text messages, including ones saying “You know I’ll smack your ass,” “Damn, this feels like you are really mine,” and “These are the days I want to take you home and give you the love you deserve.”

The teacher behind these messages is Jared Murray, former band director at Holmes High School in Kentucky.

His texts were revealed when the mother of the 15-year-old recipient discovered them. She reported the texts to the school district and to Covington, Kentucky police.

After investigating the texts, Covington prosecutor Rob Sanders found Murray guilty of no wrong-doing. I don’t even know how to respond to that, but here is what Sanders said:

“Those text messages are extremely suspicious, alarming, inappropriate, but not illegal,” he said. “These texts are clear and to the point enough that there isn't any issue about context... I think they are beyond the realm of any student-teacher relationship.”

Yet according to Kentucky law, Murray is guilty of no offense.

Most people in Murray’s situation would probably avoid the media spotlight. But then again, most people in Murray’s situation would probably be in jail too. In recent days, Murray has spoken to multiple media outlets and defended his relationship with the girl.

"All of the texts taken out of context. There was an entire conversation and that conversation didn't show up within the texts released,” Murray said. “I haven't done anything illegal with these texts and that's what they prove. We had a relationship growing as a father-daughter relationship.”

Ah yes, a father-daughter relationship. Because a healthy father –daughter relationship includes repeatedly texting your daughter about her ass and how you want to take her home, right?

By the way, Murray is just saving face with these statements. He knew what he was doing was wrong. How else would you explain his text to the 15-year-old telling her “I think we’ve done a pretty good job not telling this week.”

Murray quit his job at Holmes High School in September after learning that his text messages would be reported. But after being declared an innocent man, he told Kentucky news station FOX-19 that he wants to teach again.

Please, schools of America, for the sake of your students, never let this man in a classroom again. And Kentucky: update your laws. It’s bad enough that there is no law on the books right now to charge Murray with. But please, for the love of children, don’t let this happen again. 

Source: FOX-19, Daily Caller


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