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Charge Dropped Against Teacher Who Dragged First Grader Down Hallway (Video)

On Nov. 4, Bullitt County, Kentucky, teacher Ashley Silas was found not guilty of assault after a video showed her dragging a first-grader down a school hallway.

In the video (below), Silas can be seen dragging the child about 160 feet down a hallway in Brooks Elementary School, WDRB reports. Silas is looking at her smartphone as she commits the act. The incident reportedly occurred on Oct. 29.

Following the release of the video, Silas was fired and charged with misdemeanor assault. However, her termination was reversed by a special appeals tribunal after they determined her behavior was inappropriate but not abusive, according to WAVE 3. Silas was then handed a seven week suspension without pay instead.

The teacher reportedly told school investigators that the boy enjoyed being dragged down the hallway and added that she enacted the punishment because he was being disruptive.

The boy’s father has spoken out against the treatment, however.

“I don’t know anyone who would want their child drug like that,” the boy’s father, who asked not to be identified, told WAVE. “And if I had done something like that in a public setting I would not be here talking to you. I would be in jail.”

According to Bullitt County Attorney Eric Farris, the district has not placed Silas back in the classroom. However, he noted that the appeal system left the district no choice.

“The district could appeal to the local court and we've done that before because we've been frustrated by these decision before,” Farris said, according to NY Daily News.  

Silas has since been moved to a permanent substitute position for the middle and high school students. Farris said the teacher is currently being monitored.

Sources: WDRB, NY Daily News, WAVE / Photo credit: YouTube 


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