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Kentucky Police Make Arrest In Investigation Into Death Of 7-Year-Old Girl

Kentucky State Police have arrested a 38-year-old man as part of their investigation in to the death Nov. 14 of 7-year-old Gabriella Doolin.

Gabriella was at Allen County-Scottsville High School to watch a little league football game with her family when she went missing at 7:40 p.m. Her body was found at 8:05 p.m. in a creek in Scottsville, not far from where she disappeared, WKRN reported.

Timothy Madden was charged with first-degree murder, rape, sodomy and kidnapping when officers took him into custody Nov. 20.

“I’m sorry for their loss but I’m innocent,” Madden said as he was led away, reports WKRN.

Police announced Nov. 16 that Gabriella’s death was a homicide, but it took the cooperation of several agencies to make the arrest.

“Ever since we got the call last Saturday night, the people who work for the state police, along with the people from the Allen County Sheriff’s Department and the Scottsville Police Department have worked tirelessly to bring this matter to the point where we are today,” Captain John Clark told WKRN.

The arrest warrant stated Gabriella was strangled, raped and drowned, although the initial report of the autopsy did not give details, reported WBKO. The warrant noted that DNA evidence pointed to Madden.

Madden is being held on $1 bail in the Barren County jail, reported WBKO.

The community has rallied around the Doolin family, with some people setting up a memorial near to where her body was discovered.

Concern was also expressed before the arrest over the safety of children in the area.

“We're just putting up ribbons for Gabby. Her favorite color was pink. Her teacher Ms. Rector told us that. We're just trying to put up ribbons for awareness and hopefully they'll find who did this. You don't want to go outside, or go anywhere. You just want to keep your kids close to you,” said Gena Hartson Nov. 16, whose son was in Gabriella’s school class.

Sources: WKRN, WBKO / Photo credit: WKRN

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