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Kentucky Officer Shoots, Kills 19-Year-Old Girl at Party; Police Claim Self-Defense

A bonfire party in northern Kentucky last weekend turned ugly when a police officer arrived on the scene and killed a 19-year-old girl in what the police are claiming was self-defense.

At around 2 a.m. on Saturday, Boone County Sheriff Deputy Tyler Brockman, 27, received a call about an accident close to the scene where 30 to 40 local teenagers were having a party. When Brockman arrived on the scene in Hebron, a small town 20 minutes south of Cincinnati, a young man who reportedly appeared drunk told him about the field party.

The Boone County sheriff’s department has said that Brockman shot teenager Samantha Ramsey in self-defense after she ignored Brockman’s order to stop driving and slammed into him.

Now, police have released dash cam footage from inside Brockman’s cruiser that shows Brockman approaching Ramsey’s car and motioning for her to stop.

As he approaches, Ramsey appears to pause briefly before accelerating off-camera.

Although the footage doesn’t show Brockman firing the four shots through the windshield that would kill the teenager, a cloud of smoke is seen entering the frame about a minute later. Police have said that the smoke came from Ramsey’s car after it had crashed backward into a ditch.

Footage also reveals the other party-goers’ reactions: a driver of another car leans out of the window with his hands up as a young woman falls to her knees. Another young man sobs hysterically in the middle of the road.

Brockman ended up on the hood of the car before opening fire. Some witnesses have disputed the police version of the events, stating that Brockman jumped onto Ramsey’s car and shot her.

Ramsey was pronounced dead at the scene. Brockman suffered a leg injury.

The three other people in Ramsey’s car were not injured.

Boone County authorities are investigating the shooting. Investigators are awaiting toxicology reports from Ramsey and from the deputy.

Results of the investigation are to be turned over to the Boone County’s top prosecutor, Commonwealth Attorney Linda Tally Smith.

Brockman was placed on administrative leave after the shooting.


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