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Kentucky Murderer Josh Gouker Testifies That Beating Stepson To Death With a Pipe "Just Felt Right"

Convicted Kentucky murderer Joshua Gouker said beating his 14-year-old stepson with a pipe “just felt right” in a recent testimony concerning the involvement of his son in the murder.

Gouker was sentenced to life in prison after he was found guilty of killing his stepson Trey Zwicker in May 2011, but the murder trial of Gouker’s 17-year-old son, Joshua Young, is in its second week, according to the Courier Journal.

Gouker denied that Young had any part in the Zwicker’s murder, according to

“Nobody helped me,” he said.

Gouker added that he had been personally enraged when Trey’s mother aborted his child and sought revenge against her.

“I know it sounds monstrous ... but if we were in the Old Testament, it would be the same thing,” he said.

Gouker initially told police that his son had killed Zwicker and dumped his body behind a Louisville high school — a claim he now denies.

The father and son have repeatedly lied to police and told investigators multiple accounts of how the murder happened.

Sources:, The Courier Journal


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