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Kentucky Police Drug Bust: Kids Found Locked In Filthy Room, Couple Found Hiding In Woods

A Kentucky woman and her boyfriend are in custody after the woman’s two children were found locked in a small room during a drug bust Tuesday, police say.

The Powell County Sheriff’s Office told WLEX News that Sarah Mullins’ children — ages 8 and 12 — were found in a small room, behind a padlocked door, in a camping trailer. The trailer was parked on a piece of property where authorities were searching for Mullins’ boyfriend, Darrell Meadows, as part of what was described by WLEX as an area “drug round up.”

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(Left: Darrell Meadows, Right: Sarah Mullins)

Kentucky State Trooper Joe Veeneman said the two children appeared to be living in filth inside the trailer and couldn’t get out of the room where they were found. 

“They had been locked in the room,” Veeneman told WKYT News. “And there was a note left in there from their mother basically stating that when they woke up, to text her and let her know and she would come back and let them out of the room.

“Apparently there was some type of dog waste on the carpet there in the room the kids had been living in, as well as the only light they had in the room was a candle that we feel was used also to cover up the scent that was left from the dogs."

He added that the trailer had no air conditioning or running water. 

Authorities said they found methamphetamine precursors and drug paraphernalia in the trailer. 

Meadows and Mullins were both found hiding in the woods near the property, according to WLEX. 

Meadows was booked into the Powell County Detention Center, where he remains in custody on probation violation, according to the jail’s website. 

Mullins also remains in custody, held on $75,000 bond. She faces charges including endangering the welfare of a minor, wanton endangerment, manufacturing methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The children have been placed in the care of Child Protective Services. 

Sources: WLEX News, WKYT News, Powell County Detention Center

Photo Credit: Powell County Detention Center


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