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Kentucky High School Teacher Encouraged Students to Step On American Flag For An Art Project

A Kentucky high school teacher encouraged students to step on an American flag as part of an art project.

The McCracken County High School teacher reportedly put the flag on the ground to recreate a piece of art by “Dread” Scott Tyler in 1989, called “The Proper Way to Display an American Flag,” according to The Blaze.

The teacher told students to stand on the flag and then write about how they felt when they stepped on it. School visitors were also encouraged to step on the flag if they wanted to “participate in the project.”

School administrators held a flag retiring ceremony for the flag in the “art project” on Friday. Flag retiring ceremonies are conducted when flags become too worn or faded and need to be replaced.

Some veterans participated in the ceremony.

“I wanted to be sure it was done right,” said James Courtney, one of the veterans at the ceremony.

Michael Ceglinski, the school’s principal, said the school held the ceremony partially to turn the incident into a learning experience.

He said he wanted to “turn something positive into it by the learning experience of our kids.”

The teacher who encouraged students to step on the flag has apologized for the project.

Source: The Blaze


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