Kentucky Grand Jury Will Decide Whether To Bring Charges Against Man Accused Of Dragging Dog Behind Truck

A Kentucky grand jury will decide whether to pursue charges against a man accused of dragging his dog behind a truck and then discarding the dog, while it was still alive, in a ditch, the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office said recently. 

WLEX News reports the sheriff’s office launched the investigation after someone found the boxer next to the road and alerted Homeward Bound animal shelter, based in London, Kentucky, earlier in April.

The shelter’s director, Stephanie Fields, told The Huffington Post in a recent interview she responded to the call and could hardly believe what she found when she got there. 

"To be blunt, his arms, his front paws, were almost completely amputated,” Fields said. “We knew if we moved him in a certain direction, his legs would fall off.”

She said the dog appeared terrified and his "only movement was he kept attempting to get underneath a blanket.” 

"It was so sad because of his arms being almost ripped from his body, he could only shimmy against his chest,” she added. 

Fields arranged to have the animal transported to Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital where a veterinarian determined the dog had been dragged behind a vehicle. 

The injuries were so severe they decided to euthanize the animal, Fields said. 

The animal shelter director then notified police as well as the American Humane Society, which offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case. 

It didn’t take long to get a lead, but it came from an unlikely source. 

Fields told The Huffington Post a woman called the shelter and said the dog belonged to her family. 

Her name is Joyce Madden and she told workers at the shelter that her 9-year-old-son had tied the dog to the bumper of the family’s truck the night before the animal was found in the ditch. 

The following morning Madden’s husband hopped in the truck and drove to work not realizing the dog was tied to the vehicle, she explained to the people at the shelter. 

"After realizing he stopped, pushed the dog in the ditch and proceeded to go to work, planning to return to the ditch after work to retrieve the dog," Fields told The Huffington Post. "That’s what (Madden) informed me of."

Fields said Madden was upset the shelter and the animal hospital chose to euthanize the dog without returning him to the family. 

Madden also spoke to The Huffington Post and said the family was "very tore up" and "beyond words” but reportedly ended the interview when asked why her husband left the animal in the ditch. 

Fields said whether leaving the dog tied to the bumper was an accident or not is irrelevant. She would like to see animal cruelty charges brought against the man. 

“Accident or no accident, it was a conscious decision to leave that animal in a ditch and go on with your everyday life," she said. "And someone should be held accountable for that." 

Sources: WLEX NewsThe Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Facebook via The Huffington Post

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