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Kentucky Detective Accidentally Shot His Mom At Wedding, Say Witnesses (Video)

McCracken County Sheriff's Detective Cory Golightly was recently placed on paid leave after allegedly firing his gun accidentally at his mother in the Bardwell Baptist Church in Carlisle County, Kentucky, over the weekend.

Witness Jeanine King told Local 6 that she was leaving the church (after playing piano at a wedding) when a gun shot rang out and Detective Golightly yelled for his mother (video below).

King recalled that Detective Golightly told his mother to stay calm and breathe.

Mike Collins, a custodian for the church and a member of the Bardwell Fire Department, went to the church after hearing an emergency call.

Collins claimed that the witnesses told the same story of Detective Golightly's gun and holster falling out of his jacket and firing a round into his mom, noted the New York Daily News.

A Vanderbilt University Medical Center rep told Local 6 that Detective Golightly's mother is in stable condition.

McCracken County Sheriff's Jon Hayden said that the gun and holster used by Detective Golightly were not issued by his department. The sheriff's department is investigating the incident.

Sources: Local 6, New York Daily News
Image Credit: Local 6 Screenshot


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