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White Cop Shoots Unarmed Black Man Before He Can Comply (Video)

A police body camera video (below) shows a white female officer shooting an unarmed black man before the man has a chance to comply.

The video shows Officer Sarah Stumler and two other officers searching a house on a report of a man using drugs outside the home on March 1 in Louisville, Kentucky. Stumler and the other officers shout for the man to come out as they search the downstairs and upstairs, but no one appears.

After they walk downstairs, Stumler comes across Bruce Warrick who is standing behind a box spring mattress, notes The Courier-Journal.

Stumler shouts, "Show your hands," quickly shoots Warrick, and then says, "S***!"

In the video, Stumler handcuffs the wounded 38-year-old man, and then treats his wound as an ambulance is called.

Warrick was taken to a local hospital, where he is in critical condition.

Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad told the media there would be an internal investigation.

"The Public Integrity Unit investigation will look at this from the lens of whether or not the use of force was justified," Conrad said, reports WLKY.

Conrad said Warrick had not been charged with any crimes.

Christopher 2X, an activist, said doctors had to remove parts of Warrick's intestines and pancreas, reports The Courier-Journal.

"He's in very, very serious condition," added 2X, who said he was the spokesperson for Warrick's mother and grandmother.

According to 2X, Warrick’s cousin watched the video with the Public Integrity Unit investigators, which he appreciated, "but felt nothing he saw gave him any indication that his cousin was posing a threat to the officers in the room."

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer issued a statement on March 2:

In the wake of yesterday's shooting, I ask for the community to join me in prayer and compassion for Mr. Bruce Warrick and Officer Sarah Stumler and their families. Chief Conrad and I are committed to a thorough investigation into the circumstances, and a fully transparent process, which started with releasing the body camera video a day after the incident. I urge patience as we undertake a thorough investigation -- for Mr. Warrick, for Officer Stumler, and for our entire community.

James L. Linton, an activist, said on his Community Connections radio show: "My phone started lighting up as soon as the incident happened. People want answers, people want to hear what really happened, and we want everyone to be as transparent as possible."

Video showing only the shooting

Full video

Sources: The Courier-Journal, WLKY / Photo credit: Warrick Family via The Courier-Journal

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