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Kenneth Enslow Hides in Septic Tank, Peeps From Bottom of Toilet (Video)

Kenneth Enslow was reportedly caught peeping by a 7-year-old girl and her mother Ambra Reynolds on Sunday when the two went to use the women's bathroom at the White Water Park near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The park's toilet facilities have a septic tank that rests under the plastic toilet seats.

The females heard coughing, looked down into the toilet and saw Enslow him looking up at them, said Reynolds (video below).

"It's not something you expect to see whenever you're wanting to go to the restroom," Reynolds told KJRH. "I screamed, grabbed my daughter, trampled my son on the way out scared to death. We ran out."

"It's like he was just sitting down in the water just wading. Like waving his hands kind of just wading in the water."

According to an arrest report, "[Enslow] was standing with his head and shoulders out of the hole and he was covered in feces."

Enslow told police that his girlfriend "Angel" knocked him out, put him the back of a car and dumped him in the septic tank.

However, after being taken to a local hospital, Enslow admitted he made the story up.

Enslow was charged with being a Peeping Tom, a misdemeanour. He is also being held on warrants going back to 1998 for embezzlement and illegal dumping, noted KOTV.

Sources: KOTV and KJRH


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