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Kennesaw State University Black Student Accused Of Harassment For Sitting In Waiting Room (Video)

A video of an employee at Kennesaw State University in Georgia accusing a black student of harassment, because he was waiting to see an advisor, has gone viral.

Kevin Bruce, the student, posted the video (below) on Twitter on Wednesday with the caption, "Rude advisors at Kennesaw. Smh."

According to, Bruce was confronted in the video by the school's director of advising and internships, Abby Dawson, who accused Bruce of harassment.

“I mean, I’m just waiting to talk to someone. I’m not harassing no one, though,” Bruce told Dawson.

However, Dawson replied, "Sitting here until somebody’s available is harassing them. It is. Would you like for me to call campus security? I will go do that.”

The school was slammed on Twitter with the hashtag "#ItsBiggerThanKSU."

For his part, Bruce tried to calm the Twitter noise with this tweet, "Guys It's not a racial issue. Every Race has this problem."

According to the University Herald, "Bruce later shared screen shots of emails dated in Aug. 2014 in which he was corresponding with Dawson about course requirements in the exercise science department ... In those emails Bruce says Dawson displayed a pattern of cancelling scheduled meetings, while also indicating he prefers in-person dialogue to email correspondence."

In response to the controversy, Kennesaw State University tweeted this morning, "We are aware of the video and situation. Thanks for sharing your concern with us. A formal complaint process has begun."

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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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