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Kemiso Dijokota, Who Had Affair With Married Man, Ordered To Pay Cheated-On Wife Nearly $6,500

If anyone is thinking of getting involved in a relationship with a married person in Botswana in Southern Africa, there’s now a financial reason to back off.

Naledi Mogae sued Kemiso Dijokota in a Botswana court for “actively pursuing” her husband while she was away on business, according to Mail Online.

A judge has ordered that Dijokota pay Mogae nearly $6,500. Mogae, who initially sued for nearly $9,500, is hopeful that the ruling will deter other women from targeting married men.

The Voice reports that Mogae, a finance manager with a regional Christian non-governmental organization, travels a lot to South Africa, Swaziland and Namibia for work. She told the court that she found out that during her absence, Dijokota often moved in to act as a “wife.”

After suspecting that her husband was cheating on her, Mogae reportedly put hidden cameras in their bedroom to catch him in the act.

Evidence brought before the court indicated that Dijokota actively pursued Mogae’s husband, Kenneth Mogae, even when the married couple tried to reconcile and make their marriage work.

Donga Customary Court president Tebogo Stephen described the evidence as “watertight and indisputable.”

If the 26-year-old Dijokota fails to pay, she will have her property auctioned to compensate Mogae, the court ruled. It’s expected that she’s going to pay around $60 per month until the total is paid off.

Sources: Mail Online, The Voice


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