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Kelsey Grammer Pictured Wearing Anti-Abortion T-Shirt

Kelsey Grammer, the actor best known for playing Frasier, appeared in a social media post Oct. 7 wearing a t-shirt comparing abortion to gun violence.

The 60-year-old actor, who is a supporter of the Republican Party, was promoting an anti-abortion campaign group, Daily Mail reported.

“Would it bother us more if they used guns?,” the slogan on Grammer’s t-shirt read, according to Daily Mail.

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The picture was posted to Instagram by Grammer’s wife, Kate Walsh, Huffington Post reported. was set up by a Christian organization.

The website uses abortion regret stories, photos and descriptions of the procedure to argue against abortion, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Grammer has always been open about his Republican leanings. He discussed the impact of his political views on his career in an interview with Jay Leno in 2012.

“Now explain something to me, you get a Golden Globe for Boss, but you don’t even get an Emmy nomination,” Leno asked, Daily Mail reported.

“Yeah, its hard to figure,” responded Grammer. “It may have to do with several things, honestly, but I think it’s possible, I mean, I am a, I’m a declared out of the closet Republican in Hollywood.”

“Do I believe it’s possible that some young person, young voting actor, or even older voting member for the Emmys, would sit there and go, ‘Yeah, that’s a great performance, but oooooh, I just hate everything he stands for?’,” Grammer added. “I don’t believe that’s possible,” he sarcastically remarked.

“I'm a bit of a rebel. I don't tend to warm too well to people that tell me how I'm supposed to think. So, my life in Hollywood -- I'm afraid I was destined to be a Republican,” Grammer told CNN in 2011.

Grammer previously acknowledged that he was far from an enthusiastic supporter of abortion.

“I don’t advocate for abortion,” he told an interviewer in 2010, according to Huffington Post.

Sources: Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Houston Chronicle, CNN/ photo credit: Daily Mail


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