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Drunk Mom Kelly Kociela Bites Teacher Matthew Cox While Picking Up Children

Getting bit by students isn’t the only thing teachers have to worry about anymore; now they have to watch out for the parents as well.

Mother Kelly Kociela was a little bit tipsy when she arrived at Filton Avenue Junior and Infant School in Horfield, Bristol reports The Daily Mail. The 32-year-old had drunk a mixture of lager and rum before arriving on the scene and was “distressed and slurring,” according to the town magistrates’ court.

Kociela was attempting to pick up her children from an after-school club but, because of the condition she was in, teachers at the school tried to prevent that from happening by blocking her path. As Kociela forced her way in, she bit teacher Matthew Cox on the arm.

Kociela was arrested and taken to the police station where she told investigators that not only did she not remember biting Cox, she also didn’t recall even being at the school. Kociela pleaded guilty to a charge of causing a nuisance on school premises, assault and using threatening words and behaviour on a previous occasion.

Cox went to the hospital and was given precautionary tetanus and hepatitis B injections because of the bite wound he endured.

Koceila allegedly had a fight with her partner prior to the incident which may have contributed to her aggravated state of mind. Although Mr. Cox must not be one of Kociela’s favorite people in the world, she reportedly was on good terms with headteacher Rachel Thomas. Unfortunately, not on that occasion.

As a result of the incident, Kociela can only go to the school if she is invited but is still allowed to collect her children as long as they meet her at the school gates. She also had to pay over 200 pounds worth of damages, including 100 pounds to Mr. Cox as compensation for the bite.


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