Kelly Cutrone Is 'Fur-ious'


Fashion publicist and Kell on Earth star Kelly Cutrone's next big clients are rabbits, foxes, and minks. Cutrone is publicizing the suffering inflicted on animals who are killed for their fur in her new book, Normal Gets You Nowhere. The couture connoisseur writes, "I happen to think that, despite what industry insiders might tell you, it's absolutely gross that fashion people are still celebrating fur. What is so sexy about the annihilation of animals for clothing?"

eschipul/cc by 2.0

For serious fashion advice, Cutrone encourages people to visit PETA's website. "I hate to break it to you," she writes, "but if you think fur's glamorous, it doesn't mean you have fabulous taste; it means you've been programmed to be totally numb to suffering."

Normal might get you nowhere in Cutrone's book, but kindness to animals gets you everywhere. Join her in saying "furget it" to fur.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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