Kellogg’s Apologizes for Offering to Feed Hungry Kids for Retweets, But Still Runs Campaign on Website


It's not uncommon for companies to promote sweepstakes on Twitter by asking people to retweet a company tweet to enter a contest.

However, the cereal company Kellogg's recently took that a step further by offering to feed a hungry child for each retweet on Saturday.

The UK arm of Kellogg's tweeted: "1 RT = 1 breakfast for a vulnerable child."

The tweet stirred a backlash on Twitter, reports Ad Week. Many people on the popular social media site accused Kellogg's of exploiting hungry and malnourished children for profit.

Some of the responses include:

@KelloggsUK sick bastards, if you have the capability to feed vulnerable children then do so. This is sickening.

Anyone else find this kinda creepy? Like sayin "Help us advertise or kids go hungry"

According to, the tweet was part of the "Give a Child a Breakfast" campaign by Kellogg's.

The company took down the offending tweet and then tweeted on Sunday: ‘We want to apologize for the recent tweet, wrong use of words. It’s deleted. We give funding to school breakfast clubs in vulnerable areas.’

However, the Kellogg's "Give A Child A Breakfast" website is still running the campaign and also promises to give a child a breakfast for watching its video on YouTube (pictured above).

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