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Keith Scott's Wife Filmed Police Shooting (Video)

A video (below) filmed by Rakeyia Scott of the police fatally shooting her husband, Keith Lamont Scott, in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sept. 20, was released on Sept. 23.

Rakeyia is near the police perimeter telling the officers: "Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him. He has no weapon. He has no weapon. Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him. Don't shoot him. He didn't do anything."

The police yell at Keith: "Drop the gun! Drop the gun!"

Rakeyia pleads with the police: "He doesn't have a gun. He has a TBI. He's not going to do anything to you guys. He just took his medicine."

The police tell Keith to drop a gun, while Rakeyia shouts at him to get out of his car.

"Keith, don't do it," Rakeyia yells. "Keith, get out of the car. Keith! Keith! Don't you do it! Don't you do it! Keith! Keith! Keith! Don't you do it!"

At that point, the police gunshots are heard. Rakeyia runs up to the scene and asks the police if they shot him.

“He better not be f------ dead, he better not be f------ dead!" Rakeyia yells at the officers. "I know that f------ much. I know that much, he better not be dead! I'm not going to come near you, I'm going to record you. I'm not coming near you, I'm going to record though! He better be alive!"

The video, released by NBC News, ends with Rakeyia asking the police officers if they called an ambulance.

The shooting has caused three nights of rioting and protesting, along with calls for the police to release their body cam video of the incident.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said on Sept. 21 that he cannot release police body cam videos of the shooting, notes The Charlotte Observer.

"The law is pretty specific, especially around evidence for an investigation," Putney told a press conference. "I cannot release that."

Putney said state law doesn't allow him to release the police videos to the general public, but the newspaper points out that the new law doesn't go into affect until Oct. 1, and Putney could release the body cam videos now.

WARNING: Video contains disturbing scenes.

Sources: The Charlotte Observer, NBC News / Photo credit: Rakeyia Scott via YouTube

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