Keenan Draughon Arrested At JFK Airport, Charged With Multiple Counts Of Criminal Possession Of A Weapon


A 23-year-old man from Tennessee was arrested at Kennedy International Airport in New York on Saturday after officers found two pistols and two rifles that had been painted, according to authorities.

Keenan Draughon approached a United Airlines counter and told an attendant that he had two cases containing firearms that he wanted to check for his flight to Charlotte, N.C., the Queens County district attorney’s office said in a statement, according to The New York Times.

The cases reportedly contained two 9-millimeter pistols, two magazines capable of holding 15 rounds of 9-millimeter ammunition, and two .22-caliber rifles, the statement said.

The Blaze reports that these magazines are illegal in New York and Draughon was arrested after Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police found the weapons.

One of the rifles had a round in the chamber, and both were missing serial numbers, the statement added.

A Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police spokesperson said the two rifles had been painted, one purple and one silver.

The New York Times also reports that TSA rules state that passengers can transport firearms if they are unloaded and locked in a hard container. All firearms, firearm parts and ammunition must be checked. But under most circumstances, New York City law prohibits visitors from bringing firearms into the city even if they are legally licensed in the visitors’ home state.

Draughon was charged with six counts of criminal possession of a weapon, and one count of violating a New York City administrative ordinance that requires rifles and shotguns to be carried in a proper case, according to authorities. He could face up to seven years in prison if convicted.

“Before leaving home, passengers should acquaint themselves with the weapon laws of the jurisdiction that they are visiting,” Richard A. Brown, the Queens district attorney, said in the statement.

This is just the latest of a few recent incidents at JFK. Timothy Schiavo was arrested recently at the airport with a carry-on bag that was filled with knives and scissors. Last month, a machine gun was found inside a closet at the airport during renovation work.

Sources: The Blaze, The New York Times


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