Keandre Varner Suspended For Posting Principal’s Mugshot On Instagram

A Georgia high school senior was suspended from school after he posted his principal's mugshot on his Instagram page.

Keandre Varner posted the photo of his principal, Jamille Miller Brown, and incorrectly said she had been arrested on DUI charges.

"I didn't like, really didn't intend to defame her character," said Varner, a senior at Riverdale High School. According to the school system, Miller Brown was arrested for missing a court date after she got a speeding ticket.

After Varner put the photo on the popular social media site, one of his followers asked him why Miller Brown was arrested. He wrote back, "I think because of a DUI."

When Miller Brown found out what had happened, she called the young man into her office. "And she was like, 'You said I got arrested for DUI.' And I was like, 'I think you got arrested for DUI,'" he said.

The principal tried to get Varner arrested but instead had to settle on suspending him for four days. He was planning on using those days to study for his final exams. "I need to be in school," Varner said.

The school is saying that Varner was suspended because he created a disturbance at school by distributing the picture and also was disrespectful to the principal when she confronted him, WSBTV reported.

Varner's mother, Nakesha Thomas, said that isn’t the case. Thomas said the suspension letter contains the real reason. "Keandre passed around misinformation," she said.

Varner denies showing the photo to his classmates. "I put it right on Instagram and that was it," he said.

His suspension was reduced to two days.

Sources: WSBTV, Fox News  


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