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Kayla Finley Arrested For Not Returning Jennifer Lopez Movie Rented In 2005

Forget the late fees. Failing to return a movie rental could land you in jail.

Kayla Michelle Finley, 27, went to the county sheriff’s office to report a crime, and was arrested for an active warrant against her for not returning a movie, reports the Huffington Post.

In 2005, Finley rented the Jennifer Lopez movie Monster-In-Law from Dalton Video, which is no longer in business. She had 72 hours to return the VHS tape, and never did.  

According to the warrant, multiple letters were sent to Finley requesting she return the video but she never responded. It also said a certified warrant was sent to her on September 12, 2005, reports FOX 5.

Finley claims she did not receive any communications from Dalton Video or the certified warrant.

The charge of petit larceny has been made against Finley and she plans to fight the charges. 

"It's obvious that Pickens County has nothing better to do," Finley wrote to Fox Carolina via Facebook. "I fully intend on fighting this. It's ridiculous that I had this happen to me."


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