Kayakers Try to Paddle Over Whale, Get Stuck (Video)


Kayakers near Puerto Madryn, Argentina, recently saw some whales, paddled towards them, but got stuck on top of one of the huge marine mammals.

According to News.com.au, YouTube user "gisela6652" uploaded a GoPro video (below) on Sunday and wrote: “An incredible evening, lots of sun, kayaking and whale watching. As we watched from the top of the kayak, one of the whales turned and came towards our direction and lifted the boat twice!! Incredible, everything in this video!”

Puerto Madryn is a marine sanctuary that is famous for its whale watching, but The Guardian reports that whale-watching boats are the number one cause of whale collisions.

The International Whaling Commission collected all the known whale collisions from 1885 to 2010, and found that whale-watching boats were the worst offenders followed by yachts, navy ships and ferries.

Naval vessels were most likely to kill a whale, but whale-watching boats caused the most injuries.

Sources: News.com.au and The Guardian


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