These Kayakers Experienced Something Very Cool (Video)


Two kayakers near the Argentinian coast were shocked when a pod of whales swam toward them and lifted their kayak out of the water.

The experience in the waters off Puerto Madryn was captured by a GoPro camera.

The footage first shows the kayakers approaching the whales and then stopping to observe them from a distance. However, the whales don’t seem to be shy and approach the kayakers.

One of the whales turns toward the kayakers to pass directly under their kayak. Gasps can be heard as the whale lifts the kayak out of the water and balances the boat on its back.

One of the kayakers places the GoPro underwater to capture the gigantic mammal as it starts to swim away. When the interaction finally comes to end, excited laughs can be heard.

“People pay so much to go whale watching and see some fins,” one Youtube commenter wrote. “You got to ride a whale for free!”

The entire video is nearly two minutes long. Since it was uploaded on Sunday, the video has accumulated over 700,000 views on YouTube.

Sources: DailyMail, USA Today


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