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47-Year-Old Man's Corpse Discovered In NYC Lake By Kayakers

Police are investigating after a man’s corpse was found floating in a lake in New York City.

The man was identified as 47-year-old Abu Ghanan Khalid. His body was discovered by two unidentified women who bumped into his face-down corpse while kayaking on the Prospect Park Lake in Brooklyn Wednesday night, the NY Daily News reported.

“There were two girls on a kayak that bumped into the body,” witness Mario Henriquez said Thursday. “They jumped when they touched the body.”

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Khalid had no visible injuries or signs of trauma. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of death.

According to public records, Khalid lived in Westminster Road in Ditmas Park, about 10 blocks south of where his body was found, the Daily Mail reported.

It is unknown at this time if Khalid had a wife or any children.

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail, Ken Murray/NY Daily News


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