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Model Katie May's Chiropractor Sued For Wrongful Death (Photos)

More than a year after Playboy model Katie May died following a visit to a chiropractor, her estate is suing the man who gave her a neck adjustment.

In the wrongful death lawsuit, estate executor Alex Maimon, who is also the father of May's 8-year-old daughter, alleges that Dr. Eric Marc Swartz gave May an "aggressive neck adjustment" that no reasonable chiropractor would have performed, according to the paperwork obtained by TMZ.

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During a photo shoot in January 2016, the 34-year-old May reportedly sustained an injury that she believed was a pinched nerve, and she complained about the pain in Twitter posts. According to the coroner, a subsequent adjustment made by the chiropractor tore her left vertebral artery, which cut off blood flow to her brain and caused the stroke that left her on life support for three days before she died in February 2016, surrounded by family and friends.

May's injury was a rare one that happens approximately once in every 5.85 million adjustments, though chiropractor Rob Pomahac, who did not treat May, told Today that her case illustrates why it is so important for those in his profession to thoroughly examine and listen to their patients.

"Kinking or pressure or pinching of this artery [would cause a stroke],'' Pomahac told Today. "There is this tissue here that is lodged, and then when some adjustment or trauma is occurring, that gets pushed into the brain causing stroke."

May, a single mom who was known as the "Queen of Snapchat," started off as a public relations representative before entering the modeling world, notes People. She became popular largely through social media and had 1.9 million Instagram followers.

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But above all, she was close with her family.

"Everything she did as far as career or whatever she was doing, it was all for [her daughter] Mia,'' May's sister, Megan Mitchell, told Today. "That was her focus and her drive for herself -- to have that money and that stability so that Mia could have everything that she wanted her to have."

May's father reportedly sought a settlement from the chiropractor in late 2016.

"Our daughter moved to California many years ago and we did not see her that often," said her father, Walter, who lives in Pittsburgh. "I would've been there three times, four times a year if I had known I was going to lose my daughter. But I had no clue. I mean, who would?"

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