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Animal Rights: Karma is a Pig, a Fox and a Turtle

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MSNBC did a news feature today about feral pigs and boars in the mid west bothering residents and destroying property. They are large, feral, smart, plentiful and definitely winning the battle of wits.

The proposed solution, and one that appears to be embraced by the government, is to hunt and kill them, or "manage the population". These pigs were originally brought here for the convenience of wealthy land owners who wanted the ability to hunt near home rather than traveling to where the pigs were indigenous.

So - humans are lazy - shoot the pigs.

I had experience dealing with an area overrun by red foxes. The problem started when shooting coyotes for sport was tolerated. The coyotes were naturally managing the fox population as they are natural predators. The absence of coyotes allowed the foxes to take over which then also threatened protected birds like the Least Tern.

The solution requested was to mass kill the foxes. (One suggestion offered was to reintroduce coyotes to the area. This was nixed as fear of inserting new diseases and other ills to the ecosystem,)

So - humans kill too many coyotes - shoot the foxes.

The California Department of Fish and Game allows the importation of millions of turtles and frogs into California for live markets and the pet trade. This is despite the fact that they are mandated to protect indigenous species which have been decimated by this invasion. We secured a partial ban - yet- the department seeks to overturn this, and ignore its own policies and body of knowledge dealing with these issues as well as continuing to betray the trust of the people and species that rely on them.

So - government agency is lazy an inept - eradicate marine life.

There is no learning from the past, no will to protect the future and no plan as to who gets shot when we run out of animals.


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