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Karma Comes Quick For Enraged Driver Who Punched Motorcyclist In The Face (Video)

A driver was caught on video (below) punching a motorcyclist in the face and immediately paying the price by getting his face slammed to the ground.

In the video, the driver is seen getting out of his car and approaching the biker, who is filming the incident on his helmet camera. 

“You got a problem?” the biker asks as the driver approaches him.

“Yeah, I’ve got a f**king problem,” the driver says, proceeding to punch the biker in the face.

The biker’s girlfriend then rushes to his defense, putting herself in between the two men to try and prevent any further confrontation. The driver then angrily pushes the girlfriend away from him.

“Don’t you f**king touch her,” the biker yells.

The driver then charges the biker, prompting the biker to throw him onto the ground and hold him down with his hand around his neck.

“Are you done?” the biker asks. “Stop. I did nothing to you.

"Are you going to behave? Are you going to get up? Get up and relax.”

The driver attempts to get up, but continues to threaten to hit the biker.

“Dude, I did nothing to you,” the biker says. 

“Yeah, you just broke the law,” the driver replies.

“I went in between you on a road?” the biker asks.

"Yep," the driver replies.

"And you're going to punch me and assault me for that?" the biker responds.

"Yep," the driver says.

Another biker later arrives on the scene, claiming to have seen the whole thing.

“You didn’t see s**t,” the driver says, still pinned down on the ground.

“Actually I did,” the witness says. “I was standing right there.”

“You pushed my f**king girlfriend?” the biker asks. “She weighs 100 f**king pounds.” 

“She assaulted me,” the driver responds.

“Guess what? I have you all on camera, so we’re going to see," the biker says.

Watch the intense confrontation below.

Sources: World Star Hip HopYouTube

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