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Mom Who Killed Baby Found Dead In Prison

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A Florida mother who helped beat her 9-week-old son to death and then buried him in the woods was found dead in her prison cell from an apparent suicide.

Kristen Bury allegedly committed suicide behind bars at the Sarasota County Jail less than a year after she was given a 25-year sentence for killing her baby. Correctional officers found Bury’s body in her cell and performed life-saving techniques on her until an ambulance arrived and transported her to a nearby hospital. It was there that she was pronounced dead.

Bury reportedly was an accomplice in the murder of her son at the hands of his father, Joseph Walsh, and the subsequent burial of his body in the woods near North Port, Florida. Bury accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to 25 years for her role in the death.

Questions now loom regarding the trial for the child’s murder, which Fort Myers criminal attorney Joe Viacava said could become more complicated now that Bury is dead.

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“This could turn into a dismissal of the case for all we know,” he said. 

Bury reportedly accepted the plea deal on the grounds that she testify against Walsh in court. 

“Having the one person that was there with no other real significant evidence, other than some minor forensic evidence, and as well as no eye witnesses testimony -- she was critical to the case,” Viacava told WBBH. “If she becomes the lynchpin to their case and she's no longer there to testify, that could be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal,” he added.

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Viacava explained that it’s relatively common for families to be pitted against each other in court, and for someone to feel as though the pressure is too much.

"Especially a woman like this who's lost her family, who's lost her child. Her whole entire structure is gone," he said. "So it's not unusual at all for somebody to feel that desperate that they have no way out."

News of Bury’s death sparked intense reaction on social media, with many believing that she got what she deserved.

“Good! The only thing better would have been if the other inmates would have got to her first and did it,” one Daily Mail reader wrote. 

“Good riddance to bad rubbish, hope she does NOT rest in peace,” another added. 

Sources: Daily Mail, WBBH / Photo credit: Sarasota County Sheriff's Department​ via Daily Mail

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