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Karma Catches Up With Man Who Raped, Killed 10-Year-Old Girl

Karma Catches Up With Man Who Raped, Killed 10-Year-Old Girl Promo Image

The cousin of a 10-year-old murder victim decided he wanted to enact revenge on the young girl’s killer while serving time in prison, so he tattooed a message on the murderer’s forehead.

Jared Harris, who at the time was 22 years old and serving a prison sentence for burglary, took a makeshift tattoo gun, snuck into 39-year-old Anthony Stockleman’s cell, and tattooed the words “Katie’s Revenge” on Stockleman’s forehead.

Stockleman had not long before been sentenced for molesting and murdering 10-year-old Katie Collman, who happened to be Harris’s cousin.

Stockleman, according to WTHR, told authorities that Harris slipped into his cell, held him by the throat and said, “I'm either gonna stick you and leave you bleeding or I'm gonna tattoo you."

Harris admitted to the tattooing and said he had no regrets, calling the tattoo a “good job.” Harris was charged with battery and, at the time of the original report, was facing another year in jail for the incident.

Stockleman, the child molester and murderer, was able to have the tattoo removed when a medical practitioner agreed to remove it from his forehead for free. 


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