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Kari Bird Pulls Gun on Armed Teen Carjackers (Video)

Kari Bird was approached by a group of young men at 11:30 p.m. last Wednesday in Indianapolis.

She had just gotten home from law school and was getting out of her car, when one of the young suspects pulled a gun and demanded her car keys.

Bird gave up the keys, but then worried about her expensive law books still in the car, so she reached into her center console and pulled out her gun.

“[He said], ‘Oh s--- and then ran,” Bird told Fox 59 (video below).

Bird said the boys looked like teenagers: “If these were my kids and they were out at 11:30 at night, terrorizing women, I would scare the life out of them. They need to stop this. They’re not going down a good road."

She doesn't advocate carrying a gun, but said women should keep their own safety in mind.

Bird described the group as three or four teenagers about 14-17 years old and the one with the gun as being heavy and wearing a black hoodie.

Source: Fox 59


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