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Kansas Woman Debbie Nall Ordered By City To Stop Housing People In Need At Her House

A Lawrence, Kansas woman who for years has opened up her home to those less fortunate than her has been told by the city that she is breaking the law and will be fined if she continues to do so.

The woman, Debbie Nall, has lived in her three-story, eight bedroom home for nearly thirty years. During her time in the house, Nall estimates that she has temporarily housed over 90 people.

“Usually it’s abused women, displaced women or people who have gotten out of the hospital who don’t want to die in the hospital,” she told Kansas news station KCTV. “If people only knew the blessing that comes out of it.”

Despite her goodwill, Nall has been told by city workers that she s breaking a city ordinance forbidding residents from housing more than three unrelated residents in their house over a 90-day period. Nall was reported to the city by a neighbor.

Nall’s daughter also spoke to KCTV about the city’s restriction on her mother.

“These are her guests. The house is not overflowing,” she said. “If you have eight bedrooms, own your home, how can the city impose fines for opening your home to guests? Not renters. She takes no money. She asks for no help. She has worked her whole life to pay her house off and now the city fines her heavily for opening her doors.”

City of Lawrence officials declined to comment on the story.

Nall has said she is not opposed to the rule as a whole, but hopes the city will make an amendment to allow her to “continue to do what I’m doing.” Her house is currently on the market. If the town fails to make an amendment to the ordinance, she will consider moving out of the city to an area with fewer restrictions. 

Sources: KCTV, The Blaze


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