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Kansas Mom Finds Snake In Baby's Crib

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A Kansas mom got a huge fright when she discovered a snake in her daughter’s crib.

Ashley Nehues of Brown County, Kansas, discovered the reptile while she was changing the sheets of her daughter’s crib.

“I grabbed the mattress and I kind of lifted it up so I noticed,” Nehues said. “Then I could see it, it was a snake and it was kind of stuck behind the mattress, between her mattress and the bumpers.”

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks later identified the snake as a juvenile Great Plains rat snake. According to the department, the snake is neither venomous nor aggressive and is beneficial to the ecosystem.

“I was actually first trying to figure out if it was alive and I was just basically panicked,” said the mother. “I couldn’t even say anything. I was just thinking, ‘Oh my God. What am I going to do? How am I going to get it out?'”

She later called her husband who had his boss come to the home and retrieve the snake.

After hearing the story, several took to Facebook to voice their comments and opinions.

“My diaper would need changing if I found that!” commented one user.

“I would be scared to put that baby in there again,” said another.

Source: KWCH, Melissa Scheffler/Facebook

Photo Credit: Melissa Scheffler


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