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Kansas Man's Remains Found In Submerged Car 20 Years After Disappearance

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The remains of a Kansas man who went missing over 20 years ago were found at the bottom of a lake in a submerged car on Thursday.

Olathe, Kansas, resident Tim Leeper was fishing on March 17 when his underwater sonar radar discovered something unusual: a vehicle about 20 feet underwater. The car was found just 40 yards from the lake’s most popular boat ramp.

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“My first reaction was, ‘Wow that has to be a car,’” Leeper said.

After discussing the possibility with his friends, Leeper contacted police; however, because police didn’t expect to find anyone in the car, it wasn’t until Thursday that a rescue team finally pulled the car out of the lake.

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Inside the car were the remains of Miami County man Fremont C. O’Berg, who went missing in 1992 without a trace. The 57-year-old was discovered buckled into the car.

Searches were originally conducted in Miami County without results, including the lake in which O’Berg’s remains were finally discovered.

“Our father’s recovery answers many questions and is bringing much needed closure for our family,” the O’Berg family said in a statement. “We are fully confident that the Miami County Sheriff will continue to see this case through to its completion.”

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According to undersheriff Wayne Minckley, authorities will now investigate how and why O’Berg ended up in the lake. Minckley added that although the discovery has given the O’Berg family some answers, it has also created more questions about his disappearance.

Sources: KCTV, Fox News / Photo Credit: Fox News


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