'You Were The Best Teacher Ever!': Man Sends Former Teacher $10,000


A Kansas man showed a former teacher just how much her work impacted him when he sent her a $10,000 check just to say thank you.

Kevin Perz, an engineer living in Kansas City, had been trying to track down his former high school home economics teacher Marilyn Mecham for years. When he finally found her phone number, the pair spoke on the phone.

"I was so appreciative to have somebody spend all that time looking for you to tell that you meant so much in their life,” Mecham said. The phone call, however, was just one part of a larger gesture of appreciation. Two days later, Mecham received a letter in the mail with a check for $10,000 enclosed.

“She called me Monday she said she got it Friday and she spent the whole weekend crying,” Perz said. In the letter that came with the money, Perz asked that Mecham use the gift to do something for herself. The $10,000 “is intended to be 100% used on you & your personal life. I would be sad if you didn't spend it all on yourself,” he wrote.

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It turns out that Mecham, who had Perz in class during her first year as a teacher, wasn’t the only one that the generous former student thanked in such a significant way. In 1992, he sent a $5,000 check to his former calculus teacher. Two decades later, he surprised his business teacher with $10,000. “Everybody in their life can always think back to someone in their life who had an impact, if it's a teacher or a boy scout leader or anyone,” Perz said.

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Mecham said she plans to “honor the gift,” and is hoping to travel to her ancestral home countries of Norway and Sweden.

“Gratitude is something in this society today that we just don't do enough of,” she said. “It's made me stop and think who do I want to thank.

“Whatever I did my first year of teaching was quite unremarkable,” she added, “but what Kevin has done is really remarkable.”

Source: ABC News

Photo Credit: abcnews.go.com


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