Man Jailed For Stealing Dying Woman's Wedding Ring


A Kansas man was sentenced Thursday for the role he played in stealing a dying woman’s wedding ring and other belongings.

KSN reports Judge Christopher Magana sentenced 20-year-old Quanique D. Thomas-Hameen to serve over three years in prison for his role in the December 2013 crime.

Thomas-Hameen was found guilty earlier this year of misdemeanor theft and obstructing apprehension — a felony — for helping two friends steal personal items from 43-year-old Danielle Zimmerman as she was dying of a brain aneurysm in a Taco Bell parking lot. 

Police said that Thomas-Hameen and two friends were inside the Wichita-area restaurant when they saw Zimmerman crash her car while pulling into the drive-thru. Instead of calling for help, it is believed that the two friends stole her purse, cellphone and wedding ring while she was unconscious in the car. Police said Thomas-Hameen drove the other two suspects from the crime scene. 

“Instead of trying to help her, somebody robbed her,” her husband, Kris Zimmerman, said at the time, according to the Daily Mail.

“What really appalled me — the wedding ring. How could you take somebody’s wedding ring off their finger?” he added. 

Danielle Zimmerman died the next day at a local hospital after her family decided to take her off of life support 

In court Thursday, Thomas-Hameen apologized to Zimmerman’s family and said he took responsibility for not saying something when he had the chance. 

According to KAKE, the apology had little effect on Kris Zimmerman, who told the judge he thought the man was a coward.

“While he may not have been directly involved in the crime, he benefited from the results. He also showed he was a coward for not standing up to help,” Zimmerman said. “You never know if she would be here today if you would have just stopped.”

A few of Zimmerman’s belongings were later recovered. Her wedding ring was never found. 

The other two suspects in the crime are expected to stand trial later this year. 

Sources: KSN, Daily Mail, KAKE

Photo Source: KSN


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