Kansas Man Escapes Being Mauled By Biting Dog On The Neck

A Kansas man who was attacked by two dogs outside his Kansas City home escaped after biting one of the two boxers on the neck.

Riley Carter, Jr. says he’s lucky to be alive.

"I thought I was actually going to die in the front of my house," Carter told KCTV.

Police say three dogs were roaming the streets last weekend, attacking two people. One of the canines was captured by animal control officers. Two of them, still at large, mauled Carter in his own yard.

Carter says when he found the two boxers in his backyard he tried to shoo them away, “but they didn’t do like regular dogs and run, I mean they came full force like attacking lions.”

He struggled with the dogs down his driveway.

"I had to actually hold him up and stand him. I bit him behind his neck just to hold him there. Just held him there until I got exhausted and trying to fight off the second dog at the same time," Carter told KCTV.

He managed to leap over a railing onto his porch and get to his front door without being followed.

Two surgeries later, he says his right arm will “never be the same again.” One of the dogs also bit off a piece of his nose.

"They got me here in my leg and they got me here [shows large bandage on upper thigh]. My arm here is just, this is just off, it's just ripped. It's ripped. It ain't never going to be the same again. Just about the same to here [motions to his other arm]. And the dog got me in my groin," he said.

Police say residents should be on the lookout for the animals, which should be considered highly aggressive and dangerous.

Sources: UPI, KCTV5


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