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Kansas Firefighters Dug Up Street To Rescue Dog

A dog in Wichita, Kansas was trapped underground for up to six days before it was rescued by firefighters.

On Nov. 2, Rudy the dachshund went missing. Almost a week later, passersby heard the 8-year-old dog barking from a storm drain underneath the street.

"A guy comes up and knocks on our door and said that there's a lady at the corner with another dog that had heard a dog barking in there," Kevin Halsey, Rudy's owner, told KAKE News.

Halsey and his wife contacted the Wichita Fire Department for assistance. Although the firefighters often rescue dogs, this particular case presented a specific challenge.

"It's a confined space where we're not able to crawl into it," said Fire Lt. Derek Pierce.

The dog had managed to crawl through the storm drain underneath the road and ended up under a man hole feet away, in the middle of the street.

"It's simpler and safer to have public works dig up the street," explained Pierce.

Workers drilled a hole while Halsey and his wife supported Rudy towards the end of the excavation. Ultimately, a firefighter crawled down, retrieved the dachshund, and handed him over to his owners.

"We're thankful for everyone who helped us and prayed for him," said Halsey.

"Yeah, we made their day, that's what we're here for," a firefighter said.

Rudy may have been without food or water for up to six days. Fortunately, he returned from his underground endeavor unscathed.

"It's kind of like a miracle," said Halsey.

In October, three pit bulls were stuck under a busy expressway in Florida, reported WESH. The dogs seemed to have dug around underground through a storm drain and were unable to find their way out.

Animal control and firefighters worked together to retrieve the dogs. Unlike Rudy, the owner of the dogs was unknown, but they appeared to be family pets as they were well cared for and seemed tame.

Source: KAKE News, Opposing Views,WESH / Photo credit: KAKE News


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