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Kansas Deputy Curses At Man For Asking Question, Threatens Him With Jail (Video)

Harper County Sheriff’s Deputy Vance Williams was recently caught on video (below) cursing at Jeff Jacobs who asked him a question.

Williams also appears to threaten Jacobs with jail time during the incident in Wichita, Kansas.

After Jacobs posted the video on YouTube on July 31, it went viral and spurred an apology from Williams, but not to Jacobs.

Williams told KSN:

"And I unfortunately used language that I should never have used. I apologize to our community, to our county, to our commissioners, and, definitely, to our sheriff. He does not, he would never condone that behavior."

In the video, Williams is reportedly investigating a dispute over a stolen television, and tells Jacobs, "Why the f--- am I talking to you? ... I don’t need anything from you. This is not my f------- jurisdiction. You understand that."

After admitting he is out of his legal jurisdiction, Williams repeatedly demands Jacobs hand over his driver’s license, but refuses to say why or if Jacobs is being detained.

Jacobs repeatedly tells Williams that he doesn't have any ID on him.

Williams then tells Jacobs:

"Say something else to me, and we'll see where this goes. Open your f------- mouth, say something else. This is not my, take your f------- sunglasses off now. Hat off. Give me your identification ... What's your f----- name?"

Williams also tells Jacobs: “Do you want to spend the night in the f------ poke because you can’t shut your f------ mouth? Walk. Enjoy your walk. Open your f------ mouth again.”

Williams later told KSN, "We were being provoked somewhat, not just me it was one individual towards other ones there."

Williams, who was formerly a teacher, also blamed his behavior on his inexperience as a police officer.

Harper County Sheriff Tracy Chance lamented that the video was not given to him instead of being posted online, and claimed he had nothing to hide, reports KSN.

Chance refused to publicly state how long Williams had been suspended for.

Neither Chance or Williams mentioned that Jacobs had a legal right to film the police and ask a question.

KWCH reports that Williams will be getting training on how to react to this type of a situation, which the sheriff's office apparently failed to do before sending him out in the field.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: KSN, KWCH / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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