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'I Always Let Him Have My Way!': Couple Married For 81 Years Shares Their Story

A Kansas couple is being recognized after winning a national contest for staying married 81 years.

Alice and Dale Rockey got married as teenagers back in 1933, and their love story, which began when they were children growing up together in Nebraska, is as amazing as expected.

“She was sitting on her front porch and I drove by and I said, ‘Oh, let’s stop and talk,’ and so I did and we went for a ride,” Dale Rockey explained to The Kansas City Star. “We started in a ’36 Ford. That’s the first car we had. Wound up with a 2000 model and there was a lot of them in between.”

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During their 81 years together, the couple has seen 13 presidents, a number of wars, and some of the world’s greatest moments. Now, both Alice and Dale are 99 years old, and while their marriage is extraordinary, many people are curious if they have a special secret for staying together that long.

“I always let him have my way!” Alice said.

The couple was recently recognized for being the longest married couple in the country, and the contest, which their son nominated them for, was put together by the Worldwide Marriage Encounter.

“They’re a beautiful couple,” Tom Rockey, Alice and Dale’s son, said. “You don’t see them together without holding hands.”

The couple reportedly has five sons, 15 grandkids, 28 great-grandkids, and six great-great-grandkids.

Sources: Fox4KC News, The Kansas City Star / Photo Source: The Kansas City Star


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