Kansas City Teen Turned In By Own Grandma For Shootout That Caused The Death Of A Mother Of Six


Kansas City, Missouri, police have arrested a 16-year-old boy for his connection with a gang shooting that led to one woman's death. The teenager was picked up by police Thursday at a McDonald’s restaurant after his own grandmother tipped off authorities.

A gun battle erupted Tuesday night near Kansas City’s Ninth Street and Hardesty Avenue, KMBC reported. Mariana Hernandez-Gonzales, 30, and her family were driving home after the shooting broke out. One car trying to flee from the shooting crashed into the family’s vehicle, killing Hernandez-Gonzales and injuring five out of her six children. Three of the kids were in critical condition as of Wednesday. Her boyfriend of 12 years and father of her children, Julio, also sustained serious injuries.

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(Mariana and her husband Julio)

As of Wednesday evening, most of Hernandez-Gonzales’ children had not been told that their mother had passed away, save for her eldest son, who was cognizant enough after the crash to realize that his mother was not waking up.

Hernandez-Gonzales’ children are all expected to survive their injuries. Her boyfriend is “distraught,” Andrea Hernandez-Salazar, the victim's sister, told KMBC.

“She was a good mother,” Hernandez-Gonzales’ mother, Tomasa Salazar, told the news station. “She liked spending time with her children. She liked taking care of her children.”

The gunfight that caused the tragedy was part of an ongoing gang warfare, FOX 4 reported.

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(The children that were left behind)

A 16-year-old who has been associated with the gang shooting has been apprehended by police. His grandmother had turned him in after she learned of his involvement in the shooting and of his plan to leave Kansas City to escape punishment. His name is not being released by police due to his minor status.

The teenager’s father was allegedly shot during the gunfight.

“Maybe the next teenager think a little bit about this,” the victim’s cousin, Andres Salazar, told Fox 4 about the 16-year-old's arrest. “What can happen because they are mad at the time. If they think a little bit about us, about all the families [affected by] this, maybe they don`t [sic] do this again.”

Sources: Fox 4 (2), KMBC / Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot


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