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Kansas City Police Do The Electric Slide In A St. Patrick's Day Flashmob (Video)

St. Patrick’s Day is usually reserved for drinking, parades and busting out that old “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” T-shirt, but residents of Kansas City, Missouri, got a special surprise.

After the St. Patrick’s Day parade, 40 police officers with the Kansas City Police Department broke into a flashmob and performed the Electric Slide in the street (video below).

Officer Matt Tomasic, who organized the dance, told WDAF he wants the community to realize cops are people too. “I think when you dance with somebody, when somebody comes out and dances with you or sees you dance, you’re instantly humanized,” he said. “And it breaks down the barrier of this uniform, this uniform that was designed to intimidate.”

Another officer said it was fun for him. “For that five minutes, we’re able to just take a break and enjoy ourselves for the people,” he said, adding with a laugh, “We can’t have beers, but we’re gonna have a good time." 

The police didn’t have time to practice the dance, but onlookers enjoyed the show. “I thought it was awesome,” said parade attendee Mona Warren. "The cops get a bad rap, so it was nice seeing the cops doing something nice and fun."

Source: WDAF / Image via YouTube


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